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Drawing-a-day Challenge Drawings

2019 - 2020


In 2019 a good friend of mine form New York City challenged me to do a drawing a day for one month after I told her I had “no time to draw”. She suggested I draw first thing each morning for 5 minutes each day. She challenged me to do ugly drawings from the perspective of my inner child. I added the challenge of posting the drawings on social media regardless if I thought they were good enough or not to show other people. After 10 days, it seemed, that I failed at making an ugly drawing so I changed the title of them to Inner Child Drawings. Soon after that I seemed to find I made time to draw for 30 minutes each day. The 30 minutes turned into one hour within a month. On social media I started to have a fan base who wanted me to continue posting drawings after the first month I committed to.  Therefore, I committed to the drawing-a-day-challenge from Instagram for a year.  And now find the time to draw anywhere from one to five hours in each day! In fact it has become an important part of each day.

This reclaiming of my dormant  artistry was a huge gift my friend gave me!

In 2020 I am on my second year of drawings that I have titled Random Musings Drawings.

You can view the latest drawings on:

Instagram: #deborahh33 or my Facebook photo page.

The drawings were made on archival paper with Prismacolor, Staedtler, Bic and other markers, colored pencils, white pens, blenders, paint and ink .

Keep in mind that each computer monitor is different, so the colors you see may not be the true drawing colors.

All of these drawings can be made into a Giclee print or a ready to hang printed canvas.

Click this link to view prices and order.