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2005 - 2008


Wikipedia definition:

A shell is a hard home that protects something living inside it, such as crabs, oysters, nuts etc...

The shell may refer to:

- Animal shell which includes sea shells

- Eggshell which is the outer part of an egg.

I love drawing & composing  the shell shapes. I also love making an image seem to be 3-dimensional, appearing to be sculpted out of a 2-dimensional surface. The shell shape seems to lend itself well to making this happen.

Half Moon Cay, not a shell shape, is one of my favorite places on the planet!

"The Sphere" was the first round shape I drew... who knew this sphere would transform into the Eclipses!

These drawings were made on archival paper with prismacolor pencils.

Each composition took anywhere from 3 to 10 hours from start to finish.

Keep in mind that each computer monitor is different, so the colors you see may not be the true drawing colors.

All of these drawings can be made into a Giclee print or a ready to hang printed canvas.

Click this link to view prices and order.